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Individual Training

  • Imagine a yoga or MELT practice designed specifically for you. A practice that adapts to what you need on any given day and at any given moment.

  • I have years of experience creating and implementing individual yoga, MELT and personal training programs.

  • Each session offering unique solutions to open and encourage more connection to your body/mind.

  • Increased ease, comfort, and joy in your activities.


I love creating custom practices. I’m fascinated by how we move, why we develop the habits that serve our movements and the habits that don’t. Each person’s body is a puzzle made up of myriad pieces of their life. The process of unraveling the tendencies that may have created problems in our bodies and helping to align ourselves with the habits that can create free, comfortable moment is the investigation I try to create each session.  After all, couldn’t we all use more comfort in our lives these days? 

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