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About My Work

I'm Karen Safire. After I retired as a modern dancer over 20 years ago, I became a yoga teacher, personal trainer and a MELT instructor. I have multiple certifications and generations of satisfied clients. You can join my small weekly Embodied Vinyasa or MELT classes virtually.

Karen Reaching by Rebecca Ashley
LegsAkimbo by Rebecca Ashley
Karen with Kiwi the Cat

Contact Me

Karen Safire YOGA & MELT

2 Hastings Landing

Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 10706

212 898 0414


Karen in Downward Dog, by Rebecca Ashley

Everyone has different goals and different needs. I love working 1:1 to help you get out of pain. Rebab an injury or create a personalized home practice routine. 

Join me for weekly online classes.  I can create a class for you and your friends. I also arranged a series of classes for an interested set of teenagers!

Experience MELT a hands off body work technique that uses a MELT soft roller and balls. MELT can help you improve balance, reduce pain and create more resilience in your body and mind. 

Need MELT props?


I conduct teacher training workshops in restorative yoga on my own and for leading yoga studios.

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